Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rachel Zoe in Dallas

Myself, Rachel Zoe, and Krystal Schlegel
 I went bananas for Rachel Zoe who was in town to present her new collection coming out in the fall!  She was so sweet and loved my dress by Koch! Be glamorous every day with Rachel Zoe here.

Closet cleansing

Photos by Krystal Schlegel via IPhone
My intern Krystal and I recently styled and organized this entire closet!  I wish we had taken before pictures but let me tell you this looks 100% better!  If you are feeling the desire to cleanse your closet here are a few recommendations...

1. Keep the season's clothes where they can be seen!  If you have a spare closet or guest closet, keep your other seasons clothes there.
2. Go through each piece in your closet!  If you have not worn it in over a year, get rid of it (take it to consignment or give to a friend)... unless it is an expensive treasure piece- keep those forever!
3.  Organize clothes by type then by color from lightest to darkest.
4.  Keep hangers the same for consistency.
5.  Contain yourself- any time container store can help I am in favor!  Having an extra rolling rack is great for packing, going through clothes for consignment, and anytime you need extra space.
6.  If you are styling outfits together take Polaroids of the entire look.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My latest Mark & Estel Sweatshirt that I'm living in!

As you know I am a huge Mark and Estel fan!  I happen to represent the line here in the southwest. Myself and many personal clients live in this cozy, cool, versatile, line!

This jet blue sweatshirt is available in x-small- medium for $265.  It is the perfect piece for summer travel! (E-mail to purchase.)

I am a big fan of color-blocking and these yellow jeans have been with me for a few years now. The new style I suggest is by J Brand and I would pair them with blue sandals.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello slaves to fashion,
I am Katina Thornton, a Dallas stylist who stays up to speed with fashion from Milan to Paris to L.A. and New York.  My style is eclectic from classic to bohemian chic!  I would say Elle Macpherson and Rachel Zoe  influence my style.  I dress my clients to bring out their personal style while getting them out of their comfort zone and introduce them to a new image yet build on the existing foundation of their unique personality.  Check back daily for updates on my inspirations and style tips.  My personal mission and greatest gratification is to inspire transformation, encourage empowerment, and create delight.