Friday, September 30, 2011

Cutie Stardust Wedge

"As you approach the stage, you hear your platform ankle boots clack against the stairs. You wait just behind the curtain until the crowd increases its enthusiasm to an almost-deafening clamor. In response, you step your Jeffrey Campbell wedge out and watch as the spotlight hits its silvery, glitter-covered upper and the shiny zipper at its back, causing a thousand little slivers of light to refract against the floor. The audience explodes in a roar of excitement at the sight of your sensational outfit - a satin tank, bandage miniskirt, and tantalizingly textured stockings. With a snap of your fingers, the band kicks in and you're ready to go!" -- ModCloth

Couldn't have said it any better! Why do you think I own the same exact shoes?!
(but of course in my favorite color & in heel form) 
Make a statement with any outfit in these sparkly booties, I know I will this weekend for my birthday!

My Jeffery Campbell Birthday Booties

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am absolutely infatuated with this leather jacket decked out in
embellishments & zippers that go in every direction! Don't care for
shelling out cash for a bedazzled leather jacket? THINK AGAIN!  The
crystal embellished side panel is removable! But.. the best part of this
jack is that it is 50% off!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Visually Appealing Closet

Everyone asks me how they can make their closet more visually appealing. Well it is simple! Here are the steps & tips:
  1. First, of course, you must clean out your closet of everything you don't need (either items you don't wear anymore or are not in season)
  2. Group your clothing based on whether it is a sweater, jean, dress, shirt etc.
  3. Place these different groupings together on a rack from light to dark (so items can be easily found)
  4. Shoes are also grouped based on if they are heels, sandals, boots, wedges etc.
  5. Arrange your shoes, also, from light to dark
NOW it is time to be creative and have fun styling, yes STYLING your closet!
  1. Display your favorite handbags by hanging them on hooks (I especially love showing off vibrant, colorful bags)
  2. Hat lover? Line them up on the top shelf of your closet to present them like individual works of art
  3. Space your hangers evenly to get rid of the cluttered and overwhelming look & transform your closet into a high-end boutique
Other tips:
  1. I always use clear hangers and make sure I have some with foam and some without for the correct type of clothing
  2. Have an empty rod in the closet that needs to be filled? Arrange scarves on these by looping them around 
  3. Display your favorite bedazzled, sequin dress on an empty wall of your closet for some extra added visual appeal

These Boots are Made for Walking

Everyone knows that I am a HUGE fan of anything suede. These suede boots are all amazing and would be great for both fall & winter. Whether you prefer heels or flats, there is definitely a pair here that you will love!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Infinity Scarves

With Target being a mad house, why not invest in the real thing? These infinity scarves are so luxurious and are in two of the hottest colors for fall, Turquoise and Bordaeux. So go ahead and leave the hassle behind and wrap yourself in a classic Missoni scarf!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mark & Estel

Introducing the new Mark & Estel "Slit Skirts & Shirts"! Add some sass to your favorite T-shirt and casual skirt with a slit! I am absolutely LOVING this new line... aren't you? 

Outfit Pick of the Day

This asymmetrical layered dress by Max Azria is perfect for fall! It is a casual dress that can easily transform from day to a night on the town. For fall, pair this dress with these suede booties with heels that are adorned with rhinestones and studs. Carry this dress into the winter by pairing it with brown leather leggings as seen on the MAXAZRIA runway. This is truly a dress for ALL seasons!!! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gianmarco Lorenzi

If you don't already know Gianmarco Lorenzi, get to know this designer now! These silver spiked booties will add a PUNCH to any outfit. The creative director for Gianmarco Lorenzi started sketching shoes at the young age of 5!!! Now a luxury women's footwear designer, this creative director creates fashion-forward footwear that is a blend of sophisticated, delicate, and yet provocative qualities. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

FNO finally arrived this past Thursday!!! My assistant, Brittany and I went to Nieman Marcus, Forty Five Ten, and finally, Highland Park Village. Fashion's Night Out drew a large crowd, luckily we arrived early to the Neiman's runway show to get front-row seats! The show was put on by my good friend Amber Venz (pictured above) and other young female fashion bloggers in Dallas. Pictured below are some looks I personally loved!! Leather leggings are a must have this season, Amber says to pair them with leather knee-highs to give a thigh-high illusion. It is also no surprise to me that fur vests are making a comeback this season. Don't forget color in the fall, because the color-blocking trend is carrying over from this summer! After Nieman's, at Forty Five Ten I spotted Alexander McQueen handbags, a snake skin jewelry box, and an Alberta Ferretti cocktail dress. I finally got to cap off the busy night at HP Village with another fashion show and a cocktail!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"The Birkin-Like Bag"

The ONE thing I covet more than anything in the fashion world is the "HERMES BIRKIN BAG". But, like most girls, I can't afford the real thing at this time in my life seeing that I have a 7th grader that, one day, will venture off to go to college. Luckily, Michael Kors has come up with the perfect look-alike!!! This color, in "Dusk", is a perfect color to transition from day to night! Want to add some flair to this classic handbag? Why not tie on a printed skull scarf by Alexander McQueen!

Haute Hippie Sequined Skirt

Everyone knows that a must-have in my closet is an article of clothing or an accessory absolutely covered in sequins. This Haute Hippie skirt can be worn now or in the fall with opaque tights! I know I HAVE to have this!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Outfit Pick of the Day

Absolutely LOVE this combo! Pair this skull sweatshirt with this hot pink pleated skirt and you get an outfit that has a WOW factor!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Cardigans

Celebrating a cool Labor Day in Dallas means it is time to start thinking about casual, cool cardigans! These three chunky-knit, wool-blend, and cashmere-blend sweaters exude casual luxury at its finest.

Friday, September 2, 2011

SHOUT OUT to Liz & Jackie at V.O.D.

“ I like to think of each piece I create as a treasure and a good luck charm, something special you want to keep close to you to reflect upon good times and evoke your fondest memories.” - Venessa Arizaga

These bracelets are INSANE and only a small taste of what designer Venessa Arizaga has to offer. Everything she does is on-of-a-kind, which we all know I absolutely LOVE one-of-a-kinds! Each piece is a blend of Venessa’s own charms, luxe chains, and vibrant silk threading. These quirky pieces are a hodgepodge of bright, colorful cultural references. Go ahead and make a BOLD statement with fun, distinctive, and eclectic pieces found at V.O.D. boutique!!