Friday, September 2, 2011

SHOUT OUT to Liz & Jackie at V.O.D.

“ I like to think of each piece I create as a treasure and a good luck charm, something special you want to keep close to you to reflect upon good times and evoke your fondest memories.” - Venessa Arizaga

These bracelets are INSANE and only a small taste of what designer Venessa Arizaga has to offer. Everything she does is on-of-a-kind, which we all know I absolutely LOVE one-of-a-kinds! Each piece is a blend of Venessa’s own charms, luxe chains, and vibrant silk threading. These quirky pieces are a hodgepodge of bright, colorful cultural references. Go ahead and make a BOLD statement with fun, distinctive, and eclectic pieces found at V.O.D. boutique!!

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