Monday, September 19, 2011

Visually Appealing Closet

Everyone asks me how they can make their closet more visually appealing. Well it is simple! Here are the steps & tips:
  1. First, of course, you must clean out your closet of everything you don't need (either items you don't wear anymore or are not in season)
  2. Group your clothing based on whether it is a sweater, jean, dress, shirt etc.
  3. Place these different groupings together on a rack from light to dark (so items can be easily found)
  4. Shoes are also grouped based on if they are heels, sandals, boots, wedges etc.
  5. Arrange your shoes, also, from light to dark
NOW it is time to be creative and have fun styling, yes STYLING your closet!
  1. Display your favorite handbags by hanging them on hooks (I especially love showing off vibrant, colorful bags)
  2. Hat lover? Line them up on the top shelf of your closet to present them like individual works of art
  3. Space your hangers evenly to get rid of the cluttered and overwhelming look & transform your closet into a high-end boutique
Other tips:
  1. I always use clear hangers and make sure I have some with foam and some without for the correct type of clothing
  2. Have an empty rod in the closet that needs to be filled? Arrange scarves on these by looping them around 
  3. Display your favorite bedazzled, sequin dress on an empty wall of your closet for some extra added visual appeal

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